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We are a charity organization that supports the Sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Florida. Our mission is to promote physical activity and the sport of rhythmic gymnastics for children of all ages and different physical abilities. We work to help more children realize their athletic dreams by providing them with quality gymnastics training and supporting young athletes so they can take part in gymnastics competitions and events.

We believe that each child is talented and unique and therefore we put the well-being of each gymnast is at the core of our training programs, regardless of skill level, ability or training goals. We are happy to help children of Miami to reach their fullest potential in the sport of gymnastics and to develop mental strength through individual accomplishment alongside the support and motivation of their coaches in an encouraging environment.

We are proud to teach our children important life lessons that go far beyond the gym and to create a foundation that will help them to succeed in life. Our goal is to develop through the sport of gymnastics not only great athletes, but also great people and citizens as we develop in children a sense of pride, discipline, self-confidence and an understanding of how to work hard and achieve great results. We strive to make sports of gymnastics available for every child in our community. Together with our partners, contributors, sponsors and volunteers we work for a healthier and better childhood. We are asking for your donation to help Florida continue to develop strong athletes and help this young girls make their athletic dreams come true.

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